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West Papuan Flag Raising Ceremony welcomed at the Aboriginal Tent Embassy during SOS in Canberra


The Students of Sustainability Conference (SOS) is on again for its 23rd year this time back in Canberra where it began. Focus on Indigenous alliances and solidarity is at the heart of SOS respecting that Indigenous peoples have always lived sustainably, values that students want to learn.

During the Conference the Aboriginal Tent Embassy is welcoming a West Papuan flag raising ceremony to show respect and acknowledge the grief that West Papuans endure suffering in their own land. This action is in solidarity and hope for their free and Independent future. The significance of raising the West Papuan flag is bound in the Indonesian regime that has banned the raising of the flag in law and regularly gaols leaders who stand for their people’s sovereignty.

The Aboriginal Tent Embassy has supported West Papuan freedom for decades since their land was taken in the 1960’s. First Nations peoples continually endure Australian invasion while the Abbott government supports Indonesia’s genocide of West Papuans. This must change Australia.

The Ceremony will take place on Wednesday the 2nd of July at 10am. After a welcome and smoking ceremony by the Embassy officials the visiting West Papuan representatives can respond and signify the conducting of the flag raising ceremony upon Anthony Craig presenting the West Papuan flag to be utilised by the Aboriginal Tent Embassy for ongoing ceremonies. People can then go back to the sacred fire and pay respect with ceremonial leaves wishing for the peace and justice of a free West Papua.

Discussion will be followed by an introduction to campaigning for West Papua workshop with Anthony Craig from the Democratic Labour Party at the Australian National University and a film screening of the Freedom Flotilla to West Papua by Izzy Brown. From 2pm there will be a rally outside the Netherlands Embassy. Anthony Craig DLP will be serving a letter calling on the Dutch to apologise to the people of West Papua for their act of betrayal and 50 years of genocide by Indonesian military. The rally will proceed to the Indonesian Embassy with a letter to free West Papua.  All welcome to public events and tickets available for SOS @ http://www.studentsofsustainability.org/